Briaille proof reading

We have a transcriber who is able to proof read Braille (as she is blind). A skill that is sadly declining

Braille- Large Print & Audio



We can arrange to transcribe text to alternative formats, such as:

  • Braille
  • Large Print
  • Audio

To enable visually impaired people to have equal access to information.




Braille is a tactile language read by many blind people. We can translate your documents into Braille for you – from single-page letters, magazines and reports to large catalogues and books.


The process is simple for you: just send us a copy of your document, and we will do all the specialist work, including dealing with complex items such as tables, forms and graphs.


Having your documents available in Braille will increase your accessibility, help you meet your legal requirements, and also through advertising can project a great image to all your clients. We produce:

  • high quality Braille
  • double or single-sided Braille
  • Grade 1 or 2 (we use Grade 2 as standard)
  • binding, covers or other presentation options


Foreign Language Braille please ask if specific language is available


Maths Braille up to degree level


Standard Presentation:
Braille is produced on A4 white 160gsm paper, with black ink title on cover.
Braille documents include stapling/comb-binding/filing (depending on size) free-of-charge. 





Large Print Transcription


Producing large print documents for visually impaired readers is not as simple as most people imagine – it is about much more than just increasing the font size. Shortcuts like photocopying onto large paper lead to poor quality documents that your customers are unable to read, and on huge pieces of paper that are difficult to hold and use.


Large Print transcription includes the use of text that is larger than usual, but there are many other differences as well. Large Print transcription involves:

  • Correct font styles, colours and weights – suitable for readers that need large print;
  • Proper use of emphasis options within the large print text;
  • Good use of colours, colour combinations and colour contrast;
  • Careful text layout and alignment, including adjustment of inappropriate features such as columns which should be avoided in large print documents;
  • Correct text and line spacing;
  • Adaptation and redesign of complex items such as tables, graphs, charts and forms, appropriate for large print
  • Suitable paper size, colour, weight & type; and
  • Top quality printing of your large print documents






Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is probably the best way to make your documents available to as many people as possible.


Service users with a wide range of visual impairments, plus people who have difficulty reading, who have dyslexia, or learning difficulties can access information easily through this format.


We can arrange to transcribe your documents to various audio formats including audio CD, Podcasts, DAISY (Digital Talking Books) and tape cassettes.


Experienced, professional transcribers will take care of the whole audio transcription process, tailoring your recording to your exact requirements, including:

  • preparation of audio scripts for your documents, ensuring easy navigation for your customer, whether it is a short letter or a large book.
  • full indexing to help the listener move around the recording easily and quickly, including tone indexing on tape cassettes.
  • tables, diagrams, graphs and forms are modified and described if needed, to ensure all of the data is presented in a clear and logical manner
  • all text is read by our recording specialists, in a clear voice, taking into consideration the tone appropriate for the document. Multiple voices are available if appropriate.
  • addition of musical intro’s, outro’s and section-markers, if requested.
  • appropriate labelling and packaging, including presentation cases for multiple CDs and tapes, company branding, and optional inlay cards and Braille labels to improve accessibility
  • quality control measures at every step of the audio transcription process, to ensure all products are accurate and top quality
  • secure electronic transfer of audio files, if preferred


In addition to the team of professional recording staff, various synthetic voices are available, if preferred.


Send us your document by post or email for a full quotation.


If you want any details please do not hesitate to contact us

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