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Welcome to Jigsaw Legal Company Search service. As a user you will have  access to the most comprehensive business database in the UK, offering  you full Reports on over 1.5 million UK Limited Companies



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The Legal Status Report has the following information

Registration Details
Parent Company
Gazette Information
Court Judgment Summary



The Management Profile Report has the following information

Registration Details
Head Office
Company Objects
Business Classification
Changes of Name
Parent/Group Company
Bank Details
Accountant Details


The Business Address Report has the following information

Registration Details
All Discovered Business Addresses


Limited Company Connections Reports


Crack down on fraud and phoenix companies using CONNECTIONS, a unique and 'intelligent' report.

Corporate fraud and company failure rates are mounting.


The unscrupulous will go to alarming lengths to conceal a previous track record in order to gain credit. Those hard bent on fraud do not follow anyone's rules other than their own.


But as they move along their chosen path, they often leave telltale tracks. Whether business information is inconsistent, not detailed enough or, as is more alarming, deliberately altered by the directors involved, CONNECTIONS helps you complete the picture.


CONNECTIONS is an in-depth search which identifies any discrepancies in company

information, allowing you to investigate further before deciding whether to do business with a potential customer.


CONNECTIONS conducts up to 34 searches simultaneously, cross-referencing a company and its directors' previous histories.


Search Group 1 - Returns the standard DIRECTORS DATABASE search information for each director of the target company (up to five directors per search). This search has been extended to include the legal status and County Court Judgement count for each company associated through the directorate connection.


Search Group 2 - Full Postcode search to identify misspellings and alternative names. Again, this returns the connected data, legal status and County court Judgment count for each company.


Search Group 3 - Partial Postcode search to identify information located but wrongly registered.


Search Group 4 - General Search - searches United Kingdom returning list of directors who may be connected.


Search Group 5 - Locality Search - streamline the above General Search resulting in a listing of close connections.


Search Group 6 - Anti-fraud Procedural Search


Search Group 7 - Corporate County County data by location.



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