Media Transcription

Jigsaw Legal are able to undertake all forms of media transcription including reality television


We have experience of transcribing extract from the Jeremy Kyle Show, often used in court.


Transcribing of recorded media is a highly specialised field. We have been providing solicitors with these video transcripts for over 16 years.



Jigsaw Legal offer a secure and reliable Transcription service Media and TV Shows are transcribed in verbatim.



Media transcription involves the verbatim transcription of video or audio tape recordings as well as digital transcription of WAV, AU, MP3, MP4.


For example this can involve the transcription of radio talk shows, news stories, special reports, conference proceedings (conference transcripts), and other media situations.


Jigsaw Legal offers a wide range of professional media transcription services.


Jigsaw Legal offers a quality media transcription services for various types of audio-visual videos, including commercials, interviews, educational material, corporate training videos, conference proceedings, focus group transcriptions, etc.


Solicitors may be able to re-claim as disbursements from the Community Legal Service (formerly Legal Aid Board), the cost of many services offered by Jigsaw Development Services Limited.


Jigsaw Development Service Limited provides a personalised service, from receiving the requested work to returning the completed work again, all within agreed time scales and at agreed costs. Transcriptions can be personalised for each Legal Practice at no additional costs.

In many cases, time is of the essence to the legal case. That’s why we endeavour to deliver the fastest turnaround time possible. We confirm turnaround times based on clients specific needs.Our transcription services will improve the productivity of your staff by freeing up their time.


Solicitors who use their own office staff, for example Audio typists and office juniors, to transcribe recordings are unlikely to meet our high standards of accuracy and quality.


Moreover, if work is done by the firm of solicitors 'in house', the Community Legal Service are not usually willing to meet the costs; these are considered to be part of the general overheads of the legal practice taking on the case.


However, if the work is sent out to an independent agency such as ourselves, the costs can normally be recovered, providing that prior authority is applied for.


In our experience and knowledge, an application for prior authority based upon our costs has yet to be turned down.


All transcripts are undertaken by native English speaking transcribers, all of whom are experienced secretaries have a legal & business background and are based in the UK


Clients are able to upload audio files and download the completed transcripts, all within seconds, this will in turn reduce costs by cutting out postage a courier expense and delays


We can transcribe from most formats for example: DVDs, CD.s, VHSs or digital video, audio cassette, Memory Stick, covering the widest range of audio and video formats: mp3, wav, avi, flv, dss, wma, aiff, mov, vob etc.


We take the issue of client confidentiality very seriously. All our staff are bound by an internal confidentiality agreement. We are also willing to enter into any external confidentiality agreements as our clients wish.

We dispose of confidential material securey.

Sensitive or confidential material can be collected and delivered by courier at an agreed cost




docSAFE is the clever way to work, you can access your stored files from anywhere in the world via our IPhone mobile. IPad app.

The docSAFE app is free of charge and works in conjunction with Jigsaws docSAFE online

Even if you are on holiday, the golf course or train, you can access whatever you need and download it, work on it or forward it on – all safely and without any hassles at all. The age-old problem of not having a vital piece of information on your laptop, ipad or iphone is resolved, for good, through the docSAFE app

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we can now transcibe Headcams & Bodycams footage.






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IPhone App

You now can access your stored files from anywhere in the world via our
IPhone mobile app.



Translation Service

During 2013 we are expanded our business to include a translation service.


We are developing a database of interpreters and translators located in the UK and internationally with varied experience in a range of languages.



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