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NHS Trusts are faced with increasing pressure to provide a better service with a reduced budget and fewer resources. Trusts therefore need to improve efficiency.

Secretarial work is one of the tasks that a Trust should consider outsourcing, and it is coast effective and very straightforward to implement.


Outsourcing provides an immediate solution when absenteeism or holidays occur, replacing the use of expensive agency temps and 'bank' secretaries.


Jigsaw Legal are able to undertake most forms of Medical transcriptions


Jigsaw Development Service Limited provides a personalised service, from receiving the requested work to returning the completed work again, all within agreed time scales and at agreed costs.

Our transcription services will improve the productivity of your staff by freeing up their time.


We provide medical transcriptions for:


Medical  Agencies

Cosmetic  Surgeons 


Type of  work undertaken:


Medical  history
Medical Assessments
Medical Opinion
Patient Notes
General Correspondence
Medical Notes
Admission  Notes

History and Physical Reports  
Consultation / Progress Reports
Emergency Room Notes

Follow-Up Visits 
Office / Clinic Notes
Psychiatric Evaluation

Discharge Summaries  
X-Ray Reports
Pathology Reports
Autopsy Reports
Medical Conference Records
Records Review and Summaries


All transcripts are undertaken by native English speaking transcribers, all of whom are experienced


Clients are able to upload audio files and download the completed transcripts, all within seconds, this will in turn reduce costs by cutting out postage a courier expense and delays


We take the issue of client confidentiality very seriously. All our staff are bound by an internal confidentiality agreement. We are also willing to enter into any external confidentiality agreements as our clients wish.

We dispose of confidential material securely.

Sensitive or confidential material can be collected and delivered by courier at an agreed cost



docSAFE is the clever way to work, you can access your stored files from anywhere in the world via our IPhone mobile. IPad app.

The docSAFE app is free of charge and works in conjunction with Jigsaws docSAFE online

Even if you are on holiday, the golf course or train, you can access whatever you need and download it, work on it or forward it on – all safely and without any hassles at all. The age-old problem of not having a vital piece of information on your laptop, ipad or iphone is resolved, for good, through the docSAFE app

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we can now transcibe Headcams & Bodycams footage.






We relocated our office to Scunthorpe:

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North Lincolnshire

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January 2014

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IPhone App

You now can access your stored files from anywhere in the world via our
IPhone mobile app.



Translation Service

During 2013 we are expanded our business to include a translation service.


We are developing a database of interpreters and translators located in the UK and internationally with varied experience in a range of languages.



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